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SRJO Concerts and Events

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June 2024

SRJO Delivers the Jazz messengers

For our final show of the season, SRJO delivers compositions from The Jazz Messengers. The Jazz Messengers played a pivotal role in the evolution of jazz music, providing a platform for young musicians, delivering powerful performances, and contributing to the rich and vibrant history of the genre.


As a legendary jazz group formed in the 1950s by drummer Art Blakey, the band became renowned for its influential role in the development of hard bop, a style of jazz that blended elements of bebop with R&B, gospel, and blues.


One of the key aspects of The Jazz Messengers was its emphasis on mentorship and nurturing young talent. SRJO continues that jazz tradition of music mentorship through the orchestra, our Jazz Scholars program, and Jazz4Kids events.

June 15th | Saturday 7:30pm   
Nordstrom Recital Hall at Benaroya
June 16th | Sunday 2:00pm   
Kirkland Performance Center
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