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SRJO Jazz4Kids concerts are unique events that provide our young community with an opportunity to hear jazz music performed live, explore musical instruments up close, and interact directly with the artists who come to play. SRJO hopes to positively impact future generations with these immersive events, giving time and space for the youngest jazz fans to ask questions and be inspired.

Experiencing Jazz, Fostering Enthusiasm

The need for Jazz4Kids is very clear: Love for jazz in young people must be encouraged so that Black America's music is held up as the highest artistic example of the strength of diversity and creativity. Jazz is a reflection of the unique mixture of cultures found only in the United States, and is enjoyed by people of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. By encouraging young people throughout the area to enjoy and understand jazz, the SRJO is building a community that crosses racial and age barriers.


The SRJO's objective in giving free concerts for our communities is to introduce young audiences to this great Black American art form and to make it possible for members of all our communities to enjoy live music performed by professional jazz musicians.  

Concert PHoto Gallery

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