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Learn with SRJO Jazz Scholars Coaches

Want to learn with Jazz Scholars coaches but

don't attend affiliated schools? 

Click here for information on how to get one-on-one instruction.


Any Instrument

This group of videos applies to any instrumentalist, with topics including soloing over a Bb blues, melodic development, practice habits, and how to use asynchronous lessons



Beginning, intermediate and even advanced saxophonists will find something to practice or learn in this assortment of videos. Videos include articulation and flexibility exercises, how to clean the mouthpiece, intro to mouthpiece buzzing, using the palm key, and Neil Welch's Four Week Jam Pack, among many more!



Clarinetists will find lots of common problem tutorials as well as fun how-to's, like how to play the Star Wars Cantina theme and solo over Herbie Hancock's "Chameleon."



Beginning trumpet players will find resources for beginning jazz articulations as well as a variety of warm ups.

Brass Slide Trombone


Beginning and intermediate trombone players will find a variety of warm ups as well as tetra chord and seventh chord sequences to help maneuver the instrument even better.


Double Bass

Double bass players will find a variety of introductory courses to the double bass, including pizzicato, using the bow, and playing in tune, in addition to how to get started walking a bass line, how to start soloing, as well as an asynchronous lesson focusing on walking over a blues.



Drumset and percussion players will find a wide variety of introductory videos for numerous auxiliary percussion instruments as well as the drum kit.



Beginning jazz pianists will find a few helpful tutorials on beginning comping.

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