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Venue Address
1021 University St, Seattle
SRJO is fortunate to have friends who want to have events and gatherings in support of the orchestra and our youth education programs. These events are not productions of SRJO, but of those who organize the event. 

SRJO approves all third-party-sanctioned events, and those events will be listed here. If you would like to present an event or fundraiser in support of SRJO, please contact Joanne Conger, Executive Director
at j.conger (at) srjo. (org)
Sandra Walker and Susan Jenkins Event
in support of Jazz Scholars

You’re invited to celebrate kids and music and support

SRJO’s Clarence Acox Jazz Scholars youth music education program.


Saturday, May 27 at 6:30 pm.


You’ll be entertained by a jazz piano trio in a beautiful private space on

Queen Anne designed for music.


Please RSVP to receive the address and select your choice of mezze boxes.

Wine and soft drinks will be provided.




Please come out and hear about plans to relaunch Jazz Scholars after the disruptions that the pandemic has caused for so many young musicians. Please plan to give generously.


We’re looking forward to sharing the party with you!


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