We have to virtually every SRJO concert - from back before there was a subscription season. All have been wonderful, but the Wycliffe Gordon concert was perhaps the most exciting, exuberant, and inspiring one out of all of them. What a talent! I can only imagine how fun it must have been playing with him leading the band.


I’m still on Cloud 9! Fantastic concert!!!

"Amazing, fabulous, out-of-this world, dynamite!  This was one of the most incredible performances we have ever seen, Michael, and all of you were really enjoying yourselves up on stage.  All of the musicians were having a blast, and their solos throughout the concert were incredible.  Is it possible that you will be producing a CD of this concert?  We feel it would be a huge hit."

We feel blessed having such a great jazz orchestra in our community, and how its mission is not only preserving the big band repertoire, but also acting as mentors for the next generation of jazz  musicians in our community.


-Eric T

 We've been going to SRJO concerts what seems like forever. I can't remember a single one that was not fabulous.


-Mark P

These musicians are all top notch. We are lucky to have them in Seattle, and it is obvious they all respect each other & have a lot of fun. And thanks for all the mentoring you do in our schools! 


-- A Fan

Fabulous performance last night. This will be an annual family tradition starting as of 2011. Sorry to be so late to the dance . . . but sure I got there!


-- Elizabeth M

To Michael Brockman, Clarence Acox and the SRJO: 

When I was in sixth grade, my father brought me to a SRJO jazz for young people concert at Nordstrom Recital Hall. Having heard very little jazz at that point in my life, I was left ecstatic by your performance, the music, and the idea of playing jazz. On my way out, my dad bought your SRJO Live CD, which has since become one of the most played discs in my collection. Your performances of Concerto for Cootie, Isfahan, Happy Go Lucky Local, Caravan, Walk On The Wild Side and Stomp It Off truly provided me my greatest musical inspiration at the time. They are stuck in my head to this day. It was a great honor to perform with many of my mentors last weekend and I would like to thank you dearly for the opportunity. 


Andy Clausen


(Trombonist and composer, 2010 graduate of Roosevelt High School, now attending the Juilliard School, winner of many awards including the Outstanding Trombone Soloist at 2010 Essentially Ellington, and June 2010 student soloist with the SRJO)

Dear SRJO,


You are just doing a wonderful, monster job in keeping the best of jazz alive. You guys make life worth living. Words can't convey my appreciation.


- BP, Lynnwood

Clarence and Michael,

Your concert yesterday was without question, the finest performance ever by your group! Each musician was superb and in great attitude, grooving and smiling and listening intently to each other's solos. They obviously felt that they were part of an amazing organization. Their obvious sense of personal capability and having fun came off the stage to us in waves. The unbelievable scoring and performance of "Early Autumn" had many in tears. Each selection was better than the original! Thanks for the experience of a lifetime! We look forward to seeing and hearing you again in June.


- J & M, Kirkland

One of the best, if not THE best SRJO concert, and I've been coming to them for many years. When I saw the program I expected "Sing Sing Sing" to be a rousing closer and it was all of that and more. Clarence was wonderful! I agree, "Sing Sing Sing" should be recorded by SRJO. 


- Hal M., Seattle

Michael and Clarence:

Time and space do not afford the wherewithal to praise you sufficiently for your outstanding work in the community...and for FIFTEEN years! Thank you for keeping alive the "big band" portion of jazz--America's only original art form. From a "business management" standpoint, you are to be commended for developing a shrewd plan that led SRJO to such a financially rewarding year in spite of this mean economy. As a board member of an Arts Council, I am well-aware of the struggles of non-profit organizations.


Finally, the Puget Sound area is richer because of SRJO's success. Having a vibrant and multi-faceted jazz community is important because it enhances our total existence. Looking forward to your next performances,


-K.M., Seattle

The concert was fabulous and the guys liked the venue and the acoustics. We all really enjoyed it. Our friends even bought a couple of the CDs, and this was their first exposure to SRJO. Great job!! 


Janet P, Kirkland

Hi Michael,


We attended the Duke Ellington Sacred Concert at Town Hall and thought it was fantastic! Somehow, after being in Seattle for 25 years, this was the first time I made it to that concert. The band sounded great! 

Steve R., Seattle

Dear Michael and Clarence:


We have enjoyed our season tickets to SRJO for the past several years. Our introduction through Jazz4Kids immediately hooked us. What a community treasure. 

-Laura W., Seattle

SRJO has outdone itself with this concert. The guest clarinetists added excitement and character to this swingin' Goodman tribute. And SRJO brought the house down with "Sing Sing Sing" in which they unleashed the power of Clarence Acox' drums in solos channeling the great Gene Krupa. SRJO, you gotta record "Sing Sing Sing!" 


- Rick C., Seattle

Dear Michael, 


This was a fantastic concert -- we were there in Kirkland. You, Clarence and the whole group have a wonderful, warm rapport with the audience and the sounds you all make are great! 

- MT, Olympia

I regularly attend the SRJO concerts at Nordstrom Recital Hall, and attended the tribute to Louis Armstrong recently. 

I just finished listening to your recording via NPR/KPLU's podcast. I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the recording - it's very sharp. What a tight group, and what a great recording!


Thanks so much!


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